Dance Passion offers group ballroom classes for beginners at our Studio located at 6626 Central Avenue in St Petersburg. These classes are designed for people with limited dance experience, or even no dance experience at all. We teach basic, easy-to-remember routines which you can use to navigate any social or party dance floor.

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You don’t need a partner or any previous dance experience. These group classes are meant to give you a taste of different dance styles, such as Swing, Salsa, Waltz, and Tango. They are a wonderful way to get acquainted with the world of ballroom dancing and our Studio. We encourage but do not require, rotating partners during the group class. That way, you get to practice leading and following with different partners. So, feel free to come by yourself, with a partner or even with friends. It’s a great way to meet new people or spend time with friends while learning something fun!

And for those who are more advanced, we include lots of techniques and styling in the group classes! This way, even you will learn something new!


Top 10 Reasons To Attend Group Class

  1. Group class is an inexpensive means to learn new figures and patterns.
  2. Dancing improves your balance, strength, flexibility, and stamina.
  3. We offer group classes at least twice a week covering various dances.
  4. Group class enables you to dance comfortably on any social or party floor.
  5. Group class allows your lead and follow to be predictable through repetition.
  6. You do not need to sign up for group classes in advance.
  7. Group class gives participants practice leading/following different partners.
  8. Learn the same routines as your friends in group class so they’re easier to lead and follow
  9. Group class increases your balance and your sensitivity to your partners’ balance.
  10. Meet new friends in a group class and dance with new people in a structured environment.

Practicing between group classes:

You will retain more information from class if you practice throughout the week.

Group Ballroom Classes