More than a Dance Studio, this is your Dance Home in St. Petersburg, FL

Dance Passion Family

Learn to Dance With Happy People in A Happy Place

     Dance Passion is a Ballroom Studio run by Bulgarian Dancer Ivan Grigorov and his team of certified pros.
They run Group and Private Lessons in Latin and Ballroom in a beautiful custom-created Studio on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg with the motto ‘There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing with passion is one of them.’

     Dance Passion aims to bring all forms of social dancing to everyone in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere to play and learn the art of dance. The quality of teaching is excellent for complete beginners who are supported by instant access to live training videos between classes. Dance Passion strives to create the best environment for learning to dance. It is the only Studio in the County offering free weekly live tutorials with plenty of demonstrations to prolong the effects of the class, thereby empowering students to control their progress.  

     Whether you’ve never danced before and would like to learn, have thought about it, or are afraid to try, or learned a few times and need a refresher, we can help! From the classic and dashing Foxtrot to the energetic Jitterbug, Dance Passion is where you can have fun while learning to dance. In addition to group dance classes and private lessons, we have weekly dance practice parties.

     It all starts with a free Trial Lesson! Call us today to schedule your initial trial lesson (solo or with a partner) or register: For a Trial Lesson Please Click Here

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Passion is what Dance Passion Studio has for any one that loves to dance, meet people, and have fun. It’s like you had a bad day and you go to the studio to dance and that bad day disappears. The music, the atmosphere, the love to dance and top notch dance instructor Ivan just seems to put you in another place. That’s Passion!! We all want that in our lives. Come on down and meet everyone and enjoy the Passion.

Eleanor Tierney, Dance Passion

Starting ballroom dancing lessons has been a long time dream. Dance Passion Studio has made me feel so wonderful, even when I feel like I have two left feet. In a short time I’ve learn so many basic dances along with nuances I’ve seen on Dancing With the Stars. The studio have group lesson five nights a week at 7:00 p.m. This has helped me learn form, new steps and keeps me from forgetting my lessons. And as they say, dance is the best exercise. In a short time I have used so many muscles that I’m hoping will transform me to a twenty years younger self. I’ve been asking myself “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”.

Barbara Holden Galasso / Brea, Dance Passion

Dance Passion Studio is not only the place for dancing. It’s a state of mind and soul because the owner/ instructor Ivan and instructor Thibault manage to give you peace, joy, fun and very professional dancing skills during the class. You always look forward to next class to come, to every Friday’s party and Monday’s to Friday’s group classes. There are multiple programs for kids, couples and seniors waiting for you. Surprise your spouse, friend or child with passionate dancing you can learn at Dance Passion! You will find peace inside you and will forget about life outside with Dance Passion I can guarantee you that, it’s my own experience. You are never too young or too old to dance!

Audra Uogintine, Dance Passion

Awesome dance experience!!! Ivan is the best teacher ever!! Everyone should go & try out this new studio!! Did I mention he has won many international awards!!!!!!

Darlene Heithaus / Lisa, Dance Passion

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion”

Martha Graham


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