Ballroom Dance Lessons in Treasure Island

We have quite a few people who visit our area to visit the sunny beaches of the Tampa Bay Area. The soothing sounds of the ocean and the beautiful weather make for a very relaxing and peaceful experience. The sea also brings out an enjoyable playful side in people as well. They run, jump, splash and play in the water in childlike wonder. Our students who come from the beaches are often very cool, calm, and collected as well. The beaches have allowed them to relax with loved ones, find themselves, and go after what they want. They bring a very strong passionate energy into the studio as they come through. As they dance they usually show off in a fun and energetic way that keeps them feeling young.

Here is what some of our students have to say about Dance Passion and Ballroom Dance Lessons in Treasure Island:

Finally found something I love that gives me a great workout. Ivan is a wonderful instructor that is patient and makes learning fun. In addition to private lessons, he holds group lessons in the evening for all students. Each night he works on techniques specific to each dance. You’ll be amazed at how you add them to your private lesson without much thought.
Come join us and take advantage of the generous free lesson.

Barbara Galasso, Google Review

Starting ballroom dancing lessons has been a long time dream. Dance Passion Studio has made me feel so wonderful, even when I feel like I have two left feet. In a short time I’ve learn so many basic dances along with nuances I’ve seen on Dancing With the Stars. The studio have group lesson five nights a week at 7:00 p.m. This has helped me learn form, new steps and keeps me from forgetting my lessons. And as they say, dance is the best exercise. In a short time I have used so many muscles that I’m hoping will transform me to a twenty years younger self. I’ve been asking myself “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”.

Torey Stevens, Google Review

How to find us in Treasure Island for Ballroom Dance Lessons: