Ballroom Dance Lessons in Gulfport

If you want to find a strong community where everyone looks out for everyone, then Gulfport is where you should go. Gulfport is known for its huge community events that seem to happen all the time. Whether it is the Farmers Market or the Art Walk, they always have a large gathering of the local community and everyone catches up and smiles with their neighbors. Our students from the Gulfport area are some of the warmest and most well-connected out of all our students. They try to attend all the events they can and stay plugged into all the dancing events of the community as well! We love our Gulfport students!

Here is what some of our students have to say about Dance Passion and Ballroom Dance Lessons in Gulfport:

Very friendly and skilled staff in a comfortable studio! Learn the joy of dancing for wedding, social life and so much more here. Learning to dance can change your life in so many great ways. Dance Passion can get your feet and heart moving in the world of dance!

Drew Bricker, Google Review

Dance Passion of St Petersburg is a fun place to learn how to dance. Ivan and Brian will teach you the dances in ways that are easy to understand. The group classes and social dances are a fun way to spend extra time learning and meeting other couples. I recommend giving it a try. You will learn quickly the techniques to make you and your partner confident on the dance floor.

Vickie Howard, Google Review

How to find us in Gulfport for Ballroom Dance Lessons: