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Tips for Viennese Waltz – 08-02-2017


Easy Way to Learn Cha Cha – 07-26-2017


Better hip motion in Salsa – 07-05-2017


Dancing from the Back – 05-24-2017


Lead from the Body – 05-10-2017


Pushing from Standing Leg – 04/26/2017

So you want to improve your dancing ability … Small, simple habits can make a huge difference. Remember, consistency is the key. Progress doesn’t come from doing something once in a while, it comes from doing something every day. Video tutorials are strategic in helping you retain what your learned in class.

Practicing between your ballroom dance lessons is the single most important thing you should be doing if you want to improve. In fact, we believe it is as important to practice as it is to take the dance lessons. Why? Because during the lessons, new concepts and techniques are introduced, but it is through your ballroom dance practice that you can retain what you have been learning.

Wednesdays with Passion Video Tutorials

Dance Passion’s video tutorials will help any social dancer improve their dancing. You want to look at your weak points that need work. Is there something your instructor frequently mentions you should practice? That could be a good subject to focus on.

For example, if you struggle with dropping your posture and frame in Waltz, the video tutorial helpful for this scenario would be Ivan’s video dedicated to posture.

Dance Passion empowers you through its video tutorials by encouraging you to practice so that you get the most out of your dance lessons. This live training, covering a wide range of topics, is meant to boost your efficiency and also give you more control over your progress. Such practice sessions between your ballroom classes will prolong the effects of the lessons and polish your skills. Additionally, visualizing the movements will greatly enhance muscle memory.

In this section of our website, you will find tutorials covering everything from dance terms, core techniques, posture, foot positions with detailed explanation, connection between partners, buying the perfect dance shoes, and more….

These free dance tutorials are crafted and updated on our website on a weekly basis. Visit us every Wednesday for free training!

If there is a subject you would like to be covered during a video tutorial, please send us a message here. We welcome your suggestions.