Practice Party

Here at Dance Passion, we have monthly parties which allow students to practice all of the things they have been learning throughout the week. We allow students to get together and laugh and enjoy themselves while dancing around the room. Usually, our students will bring some kind of side dish and make it kind of like a potluck as well. We always have a few bite-sized snacks and a few different beverages allowing it to really feel like a party.

Bring your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone you love for a personalized dance party! It’s a great way to spend time with your friends or celebrate a special occasion, such as BIRTHDAY, HOLIDAY, WEDDING, ENGAGEMENT, etc. In a private dance party, we provide the dance instruction, space, and music, you simply choose a dance style you’d like to enjoy and jam out to.

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Practice Party

Here are a few types of parties we have here:

Hot and Spicy Latin Dance Party (Beginner Salsa or Bachata)
40’s Swing Dance Party (Beginner East Coast Swing)
Elegant Ballroom Dance Party (Beginner Foxtrot or Waltz)
Romantic Tango Dance Party (Beginner Tango)
80’s Dance Party (Beginner Hustle/Disco to 80’s Pop Songs)
Fun and Sexy Dance Routine to a Pop Song of your Choice (Beyonce’s, Lady Gaga’s, etc.)