Dance Videos

Each year we hold two different showcases. We hold a summer showcase  and a winter showcase. In these performances the students are able to show off all of the hard work they have been putting into themselves in a fun way. They get to pick a song and pick a dance that allows them to connect on a deeper level and show off their amazing talent. They can even invite a few friends or family to the performance as well to allows their loved ones to see their passion.

It’s amazing to see how they grow and how they improve their dancing. We are lucky to have ability to edit, mix, speed up or slow down the songs to be able to match the music to choreography. It is very hard to explain with words the creativity of the costumes. But you can see the smiles and the joy coming from these performances. These showcases not only help people learn how to ballroom dance, but it also brings out different side of every one. It also helps bring out the personal style and expression in every one.

Winter Wonderland 2021

Winter Wonderland 2021 really was a spectacular showcase! The routines each had their own charming character to them that made them super unique. This is probably the hardest we have ever seen our students work for a showcase so far, and the result is amazing. You should all be so proud of yourselves because I know we are all proud of you.


Lourdes brought us all into her world as she danced her sultry Rumba done to the song “Hazard”


Lola looked like she was having the time of her life in her flashy Foxtrot routine done to the song “It Had To Be You”


You could feel the emotion in this Passionate Tango and Bachata routine done by Hans to the song “Roxanne”

Keigin and Kirin:

These extremely talented kids came in and killed their routine! Their amazing aerial routine to “Rise up” had everyone on the edge of their seats.


Sharon floated around the dance floor like a princess to the song “Titanium” in her elegant waltz routine.


Peggie really brought all the attitude and energy in her playful Hustle routine to “Dynamite”


What a wonderful treat to have a downtown performer join us for this showcase in a unique Bachata to the song “Wicked Game”

Tatiana and Valentin:

It was such a beautiful thing to see two people so in love dancing to a romantic Wedding Dance to the song “Never Enough”


Tracey really brought the fire and joy to this sexy Latin Dancing routine to the song “Havana”


Mandy had everyone shocked and entertained with this action packed Cha-Cha routine to a mashup of “Push it” and “Gonna Make You Sweat”.


You could really feel Jonathan’s heart as he gave his all in this sensual Bachata done to the song “Senorita”

Winter Fantasy 2019

Our Winter Fantasy is one of our showcase events. We hold this event once year in December. Our students work very hard. What is unique about this showcase is the variety of the dances and the style of dancing. From Cha Cha to Viennese Waltz to Contemporary and Disco. We encourage our students to show off new sides of themselves to improve their performance.


Hilary looked like she was flying around the dance floor to her stunning Viennese Waltz routine done to the song “Carol of the Bells”


Lourdes took our breath away dancing the Argentine Tango to “La Cumparsita”


In Lola’s performance of “The Christmas Waltz” she brought us back in time into a wonderful memory


Victor’s sharp Tango to the song “Sweet Dreams” really wowed the crowd with it’s speed and precision.


What a fun dance to “Boogie Wonderland”! Mandy had everyone smiling and wanting to join in this super fun Hustle!


Sharon had “Fire Under her Feet” as she danced her quirky Quickstep routine.


In this hot and steamy routine Peggie showed the sultry side of the Argentine Tango to the song “Asi Se Baila El Tango”

Crista and Derrick:

This wonderful couple showed their love in a beautiful waltz to the song “With you I’m Born Again”!


Inga’s ChaCha routine to the song “Señorita” was so cool. It’s energy and speed shocked the crowd!

Amy and Bryan:

This wonderful Contemporary Routine was a warm and heartfelt dance to the song “Symphony”

Summer Fantasy 2019

For this summer’s showcase we had dances from every corner of the dance world. There were so many performances that made us laugh and smile, and some that even pulled at our heart strings a bit. We had a huge turnout and are so thankful to all those who attended! Enjoy the wonderful dances of our Summer Fantasy Showcase!

Sharon Bricker:

In Sharon’s performance of “Capone” she channeled her inner mobster and danced a super smooth Foxtrot!

Hilary Taylor:

In Hilary’s performance of “I See the Light” she showed off her beauty and grace in an innocent and touching Waltz.

Judith Ross:

Judith’s sharp performance of “Paparazzi”  wowed everyone as she intensely showed off her passionate Tango skills.

Susan Davis:

Susan’s magical performance of “Belonging” mystified everyone as she was the doll that came to life in a beautiful Waltz.

Peggie Saravia:

Peggie brought back one of the classics when she danced a sweet combo of Rumba, Salsa, Hustle, and Cha-Cha to the song “My Girl”.

Victor Grigorov:

Victor brought the youthful and energetic performance of a Cha-Cha to the song “Cake by the Ocean”

Audra Uogintiene:

Audra brought a very cool drama to her rendition of ” I Will Not Die” with her awesome expression and storytelling in the Viennese Waltz and Bolero.

Vickie & Don:

Vickie and Don showed us all how to fall in love when they did a really cute Rumba and Swing to the song “Because of You”

Susan Angel:

Susan’s performance of “The Fighter” had everyone dancing in their seats as she did a impressive Line Dancing, Rumba and Swing combo.

Lourdes Rivera:

Lourdes pulled at everyone’s heartstrings with a really toughing and emotional Bolero to the song “Stay with Me”

Winter Fantasy 2018

Sarah and Carlos

Here we have our 2018 professional routine with two of our staff members. They did an amazing bolero to Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson’s version of “All I Ask of You.” This amazingly beautiful routine held so much romance and emotion that we could watch it again and again.

Sharon Bricker:

In Sharon’s performance of “Libertango” she showed off her amazingly sharp and intense skills of her Paso Doble and Tango.

Edie and Bob:

This amazing couple performed a cute and flirtatious version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” that left the whole crowd ending with an “Awww!”

Susan Angel:

Susan wasn’t afraid to show us her funky side with a joyful and lighthearted cha-cha and hustle combo to “Let’s Groove.” Everyone wanted to join in the fun being had.

Sara Mullins:

Sara stayed cool calm and collected during her sexy West Coast Swing to “Superstition.” She had everyone rocking along to the beat.

Wendy Wood:

Wendy had everyone smiling and enjoying her fun Quickstep routine of “Up on The Housetop.” It had so many little moments of childlike wonder that the song also reflected.

Peggie Saravia:

Peggie did a very elegant and beautiful Waltz to “The Christmas Waltz.” She glided across the floor like a beautiful princess.

Susan Davis and Ivan:

Susan performed very gracefully when she did her West Coast Swing to “I Like Me Better” by Lauv.

Heather and Chris:

This lovely couple performed a beautifully romantic Rumba to their favorite song. You could feel their love and connection with each other as they traveled around the floor.

Sue Croudace:

Sue looked so smooth and stylish as she showed off her Rumba skills. Her beautiful expression drew us all in as we watched her dance her heart out.

Lourdes Rivera:

Lourdes flew around the dance floor in her graceful Viennese Waltz. She looked like a beautiful ballerina as she spun around the floor.

Tina Sentovich:

Tina warmed everyone’s heart as she danced a Rumba and Merengue combo to a song that spoke to her. Everyone could see her genuine enjoyment of being on the dance floor.

Susan Davis and Carlos:

Susan also did an amazingly spicy and racey Tango. She had everyone giggling along when she showed off her love of tango.

Don Cope:

Everyone could feel the strong emotion and expression as Don danced the Viennese Waltz. He drew everyone in and everyone watched as he glided around the room.

Elaina Embree:

Elaina decided to show everyone a much different side of herself as she challenged herself to do a contemporary dance. She danced with such a beauty that it conveyed every thing she tried to show.

Winter Fantasy 2017

Dance Passion Divas

This was such a sweet surprise. These students (Sharon, Susan and Lourdes) decided to make a dance on their own as a little surprise for the studio. It was such a fun lighthearted dance.

Monika and Kyle

This was our professional routine of 2017. Monika and Kyle energized everyone with their exciting and thrilling Swing routine. Everyone’s eyes opened wide with all of the cool lifts.

Elaina Embree

Elaina decided to do a Trolls tribute with her super cute and joyous routine. You will see little flashes of Salsa, Hustle, Cha-Cha, and even a little Swing as she shows off her hard work.

Susan Davis

Susan was grooving along to her fun Cha-Cha routine. She decided to show off her super funky moves to the song “Uptown Funk”

Lourdes Rivera

Lourdes showed off her spicy Salsa moves in this super hot routine. She definitely turned up the temperature in the room as she tore up the floor.

Genya and Ted

This couple decided on a super romantic Bachata routine. They connected beautifully on the floor and showed off all the hard work they had put in with dancing together.

Alexandra and Victor

Here we have our junior routine. They decided on a very sharp and fun routine. They had a few elements from Cha-Cha, Rumba, and Swing. It was a super cute but still very good routine.