The Benefits of Dance for Kids


The Benefits of Dance for Kids According to the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the positive attributes of a growing child. Dance helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively. Read what Livestrong.com says about “The Benefits of Dance for Kids.” If you have kids, you may be wondering what is the best way to channel their seemingly boundless energy. While traditional team sports are a good way to get your kids physically active, they may not be right for younger children. Dance classes are a great alternative to team sports, and most studios offer lessons for children as young as two or three. Participating in dance classes can be beneficial for kids of all ages. Improved Physical Health Dancing is an extremely physical activity, and kids who take dance lessons regularly should expect to see a significant improvement in their overall physical health. According to Pro Dance Center, regular dance practice can increase your children's flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. The repetitive movements involved in dance can improve muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination and improve overall cardiovascular health. Dancing is also an aerobic form of exercise. For children who are overweight, it can potentially help them to lose weight and improve their eating habits. Socialization Benefits In addition to being a physical activity, dancing is also a highly social activity. According to "FamilyTalk Magazine," dance lessons can help children improve their social and communication skills, learn how to work as part of a team, develop a greater sense of trust and cooperation and make new friends. If your child is shy, enrolling them in dance can encourage them to reach out to other children their age and help to reduce her anxiety [...]

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Improve Your Relationships Through Dance


Improve Your Relationships Through Dance People of all ages are returning to the idea of couples dancing. Many enjoy the opportunity and intimacy of dancing together in such dances as swing, salsa, tango, and many others. This resurgence is directly connected to the re-evaluation of relationships and courtships in our culture. Today, partners are coming back together on the dance floor after decades of unfulfilled ‘separateness’. Couples are making a new commitment to intimacy. The comeback of social ballroom dance reflects the efforts people are making to get to know their life partners better. Relationships are the fabric of our lives, and partner dancing directly reflects the steps needed to strengthen good relationships and heal difficult ones. The first thing that a couple learns when dancing together is Cooperation. “Two people learning to work together to the same end, from very different perspectives; leader and a follower” – a mini relationship! You have to work together to accomplish a beautiful dance. The dance floor is an enjoyable, easygoing place to improve cooperation…resulting in better teamwork, coordination, and understanding both on AND off the dance floor! Romance is an essential piece of the relationship puzzle. Setting the mood for passion is a mental, emotional, and physical journey; one done magnificently well through partner dancing! Creating the right environment becomes effortless as two people court each other arm in arm and cheek to cheek! Couples always enjoy the Fun aspect of dancing together no matter how well they know each other; there is always more to learn and experience. Human beings are mysterious, fascinating creatures… and partner dancing is an ongoing, fun way to investigate each other’s intricacies, maintain a sense of wonder, and grow together! The more you talk and laugh on the dance floor the more you explore sides [...]

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Ballroom Dance Can Help Anyone Express Themselves


Ballroom Dance Can Help Anyone Express Themselves Dancing can help those with extremely busy lives find balance through artistic expression. As the summer comes to a close, many have geared up for the start of school, work - or both! - for themselves and for family members. This combination of undeniable stress can bring about a wide range of mental and physical issues. A lack of a proper artistic outlet for anyone who’s just trying to keep up in today’s world, can actually intensify the effects of stress on the body. Four tips on how ballroom dance can serve as an ideal form of expression. As a proven stress-buster, the artistic element in dancing can help anyone: Unleash A New Skill-Set Having an artistic outlet allows a person to challenge the brain in a positive way. Because ballroom dance helps dancers of any level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) develop a sense of musicality through movement, a series of neurological processes take place that enable artistic expression that builds upon itself. It allows Enhance Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication The enhancement of these skills has been directly linked to improved ability in navigating through a variety of social situations. Developing an eased demeanor through dance as a form of expression can considerably improve confidence and relieve social anxiety, thus reducing stress. Express Themselves As They Exercise Let’s face it: not everyone has the time or resources to write, paint, practice playing an instrument, etc. Ballroom dance can serve a dual purpose as it serves as a mode of expression and is excellent exercise. In other words, dancing can serve as a one-stop shop for physical activity and artistic expression for those who value their time. Love Others Better That’s right: art can help an individual be a more loving and caring [...]

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Origin Of Ballroom Dances


ORIGIN OF BALLROOM DANCES A History of Modern Ballroom Dance update 07/20/21 Ballroom dancing is a world of class, tradition, and passion. There is a great history behind ballroom dancing, both competitively and recreational speaking. “Ball” is derived from the Latin word “ballare” which means “to dance.” Modern ballroom dancing comprises of the “International” and “American” dance styles. These dance styles are famous all over the world. They are not only performed in social gatherings but in competitions as well. The Origins Ballroom dancing traces its origins to the early 20th century when the West End establishments were developing the art of ballroom dancing. The world’s leading board for ballroom dance examinations, the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), was established in 1904. There were some notable people who were instrumental in the development and promotion of modern ballroom dance. These notable people included Josephine Bradley, the ‘First Lady’ and world-class champion of ballroom dance; GK Anderson who founded the English style; Lady Humphries who helped establish the Modern Ballroom Dance Faculty of the Imperial Society; and Alex Moore who contributed to the writing of Technique of Ballroom Dancing. Pre 18th Century The majority of the dances in this time were either court dances or country dances. In the court dances, there was little physical contact between the dancers, and were very proper in form with feet turned out and other very specific ways. They also had very elaborate routines with bows and curtsies to keep a conversation going between the two dancers. Finally at the beginning of the 18th-century people began to add in what is called the closed hold. The Closed Hold The dance moves in modern ballroom dancing have now been standardized, and presently, a dancer needs to pass several levels to be considered a [...]

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