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Ivan Grigorov
Owner/ Dance Instructor

This Bulgarian descendant has made his dancing career a priority. His technical education could not compete with his love for dance and a desire to share and teach his passion for dance to students of all ages. Ivan began dancing as a youth in Bulgaria to overcome shyness. It worked! After moving to the U.S. and becoming an American citizen he gave up a technical career to become a highly rated dance instructor and studio manager in the Tampa Bay Area. During his 35 years of dance he has very successfully competed worldwide both in the pro/am and pro divisions and has performed locally.
Some of his accolades include:
• Top Teacher Award – Fred Astaire World Dance Competition, Puerto Rico, 2014
• Most Lessons Taught in Tampa Bay Area, 2014
• Top Guest Getter, 2011
• First Place Professional Division, 2015
Today, Ivan is the owner of Dance Passion Studio in Saint Petersburg. Being proud of his dance journey and accomplishments, Mr. Grigorov encourages his staff to always strive for excellence while sharing their joy and knowledge of dancing.

Christopher Cyiraszin
Dance Instructor

Chris was born and raised in Treasure Island, Florida. He has been dancing for eight years and teaching for two. Chris started dancing to impress his high school sweetheart, but as it turned out it was Chris who became impressed. He has loved dancing since that first foray into the dance studio.
Chris favors American smooth (waltz is his favorite), but he does enjoy dancing American rhythm. He started as a student at Fred Astaire Dance Studio and other family owned studios his senior year of high school. Chris has participated in many competitions and showcases as a student and as a professional.
As a pro dancer/instructor with Fred Astaire in Chicago Chris earned top rookie for his first year. Chris and his partner have placed in the top three in the pro division in American smooth two years in a row in the Chicagoland area regionals. Chris is now back home in Forida teaching at Dance Passion. His goal is to spread his knowledge and love for ballroom dancing while inspiring others to explore the beauty and passion in the world of dance.